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Henri Cleinge Architecte is an architectural firm based in Montreal. The firm designs residential, commercial and institutional projects on a variety of scales. The firm's creative process is based on exploration, collaboration and innovation.

Henri Cleinge and his team of professionals advocate architecture that is respectful of its environment, with characterful projects that impact the urban fabric. To build in a historical context or in a landscape with a strong concept allows for creative expression that is attentive to the built environment, while demonstrating a real intention for contemporary design.

In projects such as the renovation of the Royal Bank of Montreal for Crew Collective, the agency has reconciled the neoclassical framework of the existing building with a contemporary office program. The notable use of brass-plated steel surfaces allows the project to integrate perfectly with the original building, while at the same time enhancing it. 

The identity of the office is defined through materiality, and in particular the use of raw materials such as concrete, steel and wood. These three elements possess their own character and have the potential to transform an architecture. By integrating these materials into the design process, elementary spaces are brought to life in an original and expressive way.

In the Bord-du-Lac multi-generational home project, Cor-ten steel was used to create an extension to the existing 19th-century stone house. The intention was to create a contrasting volume that would have its own identity without competing with the existing house.

Henri Cleinge has been a member of the Quebec Order of Architects since 1992, and set up his own architectural practice in 1998. He chooses to work in close collaboration with his clients to best meet their needs. The result is the success of every project and the pursuit of excellence.

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